A Journal

Notebook, Poems, Thoughts and Things I Fancy to Keep

This page is new among my “More Pages.” I will be adding new material over time as I accrue more journal notes and things that I deem worthy of keeping.

I have listed here some poems I designed, and will be adding more. I will also be adding notes and comments I consider worth keeping.

Some poems are theological based, some are whimsical entertainment. However I wanted to keep them all to see if I can detect improvement over time.



One long comment answer that tells a bit more “About Me.”

I understand your meaning, (Wally). When I came to WordPress I first started out by teaching verse by verse books of the bible the way I was used to doing pulpit and classroom. But I found that I would sometimes be challenged in obscurities and minutiae, running me down rabbit trails. I realized it had much to do with words-in-print alone. Without voice inflections, facial expression and hand movement, as in live audience many of my words here were taken wrong.

I decided I would have to try something new for me, and that was to expand my teaching methods here on WordPress. I began expanding the meaning of doctrine and theology into stories, metaphor, and anthropomorphisms. Which I knew could take me into areas where I would have to be very careful to keep my “isms” in close check, that I wasn’t wandering too close to the edge of bible truth and correct doctrine. I am careful also about when somebody new adds me to their follow list that I don’t assume they are where I am concerning position of doctrine and bible truth.

All that to say I have followed you long enough to know your positional doctrine is very close to that which mine always has been, also. I have found that (SlimJim and Fran Rogers) are very close to my position of theology and doctrine, also. I just take a different approach; which I find broadens the net for “bringing in the sheaves” so-to-speak between the four of us, and others like us, whose names escape me at the moment.

Anyway, keep up the good work, (Wally). I enjoy reading your posts, as I have for a long time now.

Sorry for such a long reply. I didn’t mean to make a whole blog post out one comment answer.



“Nature is not tame and from all indications, neither is God.”  From a blog post by Gary Fultz:       via Nature: Gods Living Room – Gods Ways are…Different


Wilderness exploration can open whole new vista’s in experiencing the power and sovereignty of God in the beauty of His creation. Learning to appreciate the rhythms of nature is to view the rhythms of God, Himself.  I have experienced exploring wilderness deep swamps by kayak, lakes and rivers of Northern Michigan by canoe, and hiking mysterious deep forest dominions.

I discovered early in these adventures that nature has it’s own separate laws enforced by rhythms it follows. It can be very frightening, and exhilarating at the same time. It’s easily understandable that nature has it’s own laws and rhythms, as our Creator, Himself Who designed such a grand realm, has His own laws and rhythms which He abides by. For our good and His Glory, it is well for us to learn these laws and rhythms. It can be a matter of both survival, and adventurous and joyful crowning experience whatever wilderness we find ourselves in.  – G.W.

Additional observation to chew on: Creation’s (Nature’s) complexity, design, and order lead us to acknowledge there is an awesome Being who brought it into existence and maintains it.



  • Procrastination: “Now yells louder but later last longer.” Desires of the NOW, given, reaps the consequences of later unpreparedness.
  • Don’t meddle where there’s no mettle
  • Don’t step where there is no solid ground


Just For Fun

 Oh, I see…

What’s What – to write or not to write that is the confession


I have been told, by a person of some renown, and whom I respect, that the next one is “a keeper.” I’ll let you decide. It pertains to the subject of “Forgiveness.” Poetry and Prose.

Considering a Burden to be Weighed


Poetry Listings – Each poetry post listed here is linked to take you to it’s location. Not listed in any particular order.

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