Less can be more. Short vignettes from a personal perspective, inspired and adapted from the Scriptures. Ten words… or less. The end from the beginning.

Heaven and earth together under One head… consummation.


Chapter One

Before creation, the deal was sealed…

with a Promise.


Chapter One

Power of belief…

she arose from death.

you too?

St. Mark

Chapter Five

vss. 25-34

Seeking truth,

some found Eternity...

and all His richness therein.


St. John


From Genesis to Revelation, God unfolds His plan through a multitude of vignettes, linked with a crimson thread binding them all together in a three-strand cord. That scarlet cord is salvation in Christ through the shedding of His own blood to bring many sons, and daughters, to glory.


Life can get tough, but God in Christ remains who He says He is in the Scriptures.

2 thoughts on “Vignettes”

  1. GW, the Lord has truly given you an incredible gift with words. Your vignettes were both a blessing and inspiration as they took me into Ephesians. I sat for some time in Ephesians 1, considering your vignettes and letting the Biblical text wash over me anew. From that time, I humbly submit my own vignette not as masterful as yours but filled with the words that spoke loudest to me from Ephesians 1, woven together by the crimson thread. “Gentile. Chosen in love, predestined to be adopted through Christ.” May the Lord’s peace and comfort encompass you today as you remember the brothers whom you served alongside.

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    1. Thank you, Beth. Your well-chosen words vignette further serves to tighten the crimson cord of the Lord’s assurance. I find Ephesians so rich in abiding meditative whispers. Thank you so much for remembering this day the brothers with whom I served so long ago. The quote, “We were soldiers, and young then” seems to linger even into old age, ever more vivid. Thank you so much for your very kind words. Blessings to you.

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