In Christ Alone

The violin is one of those instruments that always sounds like it’s a voice singing to the Lord! Good Morning!

‘For in Him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are His offspring.’ Acts 17:28

13 thoughts on “In Christ Alone”

  1. It Is G. W.
    We know it (deep inside somewhere) that what began in the heart of God for us is returned from our heart, past space and time ,back to his heart on music’s timbre. The morning song birds beg to differ that it has to be a violin though. Could the worlds present cacophony be quieted by a chorus of violins every morning across the lands?
    “We love because He first Loved us”

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  2. Beautiful! I needed that this morning. One of my favorite instruments in worship is the cello. Fernando Ortega use it a lot in his songs and it always brings a tear to my eye, because it sounds like God’s majesty being expressed.

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    1. I’m glad it touched you in such a way, Ron. I know just what you mean! God, in His infinite beauty, has a plethora of ways to touch our souls, awakening within us praise of His goodness, opportunity for us to give back to Him.

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