Times and Seasons

Each piece I post I try to focus on that which is inspirational first and foremost. However, this piece is more toward the informational I consider of times and seasons I am no longer able to ignore.

I have been seeking and researching the experiences, stories, and survival of the twentieth century’s persecuted underground church into the new twenty-first century. I have been learning such things as personal experiences of how they coped and stayed true to their following commitment to Christ.

It is inspiring to hear of how Christ helped them, and sometimes surprising in instances He didn’t always intervene in the immediate circumstances. At those times, how did their faith sustain them – or fail them.

Sometimes my findings are very raw – and not always inspiring in a way we would like to think. Of course, it is nothing like we could imagine raised in a free church. But if an underground church is in some of our futures, it would be necessary to make the needed adjustments entirely foreign for any prior experience.

My opinion for dedicated Christ-followers is that being forced to seek out an underground church is becoming more than just possible; It is likely. There is no way to prepare one’s self for such hardship. However, hearing others tell some of their stories says making the necessary adjustments day-by-day is possible.

I’m tempted here to use military-style analogies but will refrain at this time because the purpose is far different.

I am not a prophecy preacher, neither have I been particularly interested in bible prophecy as a primary focus. However, I am an observer of local and world events as I watch them develop and the direction of their likely trend.

As I write on this subject in the near future I will strive to keep my words subdued so as not to allow them to become sensationalistic. By my observation the majority of the world is seeing what I see and is chewing their fingernails with foreboding. I will strive to approach these subjects with a tincture of reasoning discussion concerning those of us whose lives are dedicated to Christ. I do understand that fear and panic is our worst enemy going forward. ~”For I have determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” 1 Corinthians 2:2

21 “And then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.

22 And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.

23 “Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it.

24 For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

25 See, I have told you beforehand.” These are the Lord’s words according to the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew, verses 21-25. NKJV

14 thoughts on “Times and Seasons”

      1. Yep, I’m in the cheap seats but able to see from afar. We do not even get cell service at our house unless it’s turned thru wi-fi. kind of nice to have the grand kids come and turn off wi-fi. LOL

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  1. onward! I’m interesting in reading your insights on this subject. I love the saying, “We may not be in the last days, but you can see them from here.”

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  2. Interesting G.W. I look forward to see how you will find the days ahead.

    Our family has been prepared for this time by going through what we endured over the past 13 years. We have strong reason to believe that there are many others like us who have been similarly trained. I can only relate the training in military like terms for what is upon is nothing less than a military situation in the spirit but I understand your reticence to express it thus. Many are just not properly prepared for the days ahead but they will be.

    I will only allude to the Naval Base Coronado where they train SEALs. The instructors are SEALs themselves. Only those who have been through battle can train those coming up for what they will experience. What is ahead is much like what Joshua, Caleb and the Israelites had to learn in the wilderness. Thankfully God has prepared some of us beforehand so we can train those coming up.

    I find your reference to the underground church curiously fortuitous. Can’t say much as to why but I can see God’s hand in the words you have chosen here. Right now, in North America, what will eventually become a strong underground church is only just loose connections between widely divergent people. Our family has not been connected with anyone in our geographical area, nor are we likely to. There is still too much shaking that must occur first.

    ‘Self’ must still be exposed in the weak so we know who is stable and who is likely to betray. Many we thought were believers and friends will, in time, succumb to their ‘self’ and immaturity because of fear, then they will betray. They will be dangerous for those that are pursuing more of God.

    The current shaking is only the first of three major shakings God is doing to refine His people. With each shaking more will be exposed. Those that make it through the shaking will become the underground church, the Bride, those that will give up all to follow Jesus.

    Our testimony is just one road map for what is ahead for many. I am sure there are others and as the hardships increase they will come forth. Our family is looking forward to this. We hope that many will choose the path of unadulterated dedication to Jesus in all things but realize that few choose the narrow way.

    So in the end G.W. I welcome your observations. They are well positioned. We shall see what God does and move accordingly as He leads. At this point I can only say that once President Trump has been confirmed in his second term those of us that have been underground for some time will be activated. What that looks like we have yet to see but much will change.

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    1. I would welcome lengthy discussions with you Homer. I am approaching my research from many different directions and yet not clear on how to organize finds that may help we who are sincerely dedicated to Christ alone. It seems to me broadcasting the gospel may necessarily become more focused, based on sincerity of conviction and dedication to the person of Christ’s message, the bible.
      Thank you for your helpful response to my initial post.

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      1. Lengthy discussions are certainly welcome but would have to be necessarily offline (email) due to many prying eyes. We are quite cautious these days as experience dictates discretion with specifics. If we can provide any insight to help you we gladly do so. Our perspective is limited to our situation but God has directly and indirectly revealed a lot to our family about what is coming for many, especially the Bride.

        The gospel will certainly be more focused going forward. There is a lot of detritus that must be removed so people get to the very core of who the gospel is about. This will repel many (as it did in Jesus’ day) but there are those that want Him more than anything else. This is where the Father’s focus is, gathering in those who want Him more than anything. This you know, as do many others, but we (those of us still in the wilderness) have not been knitted together yet as we will be. I believe that is coming soon. Your work is part of that connecting.

        I (we) want to encourage you to keep on this new path you are taking. It will lead to a good place. We stand by for any contact and will serve as best as we can.

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        1. Thank you, Homer. You described where I’m at and have always been while finding none open to discussion.
          I believe I have your email address and will contact you soon. Thank you for your support!
          God bless you and Wanda!

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  3. Thank you GW for this post! I apologize in advance for this long comment as what you wrote really resonated. Many years ago my father handed me the book The Insanity of God with the words, “You need to read this.” It was a game changer for me in that it not only opened my eyes to the underground church but it also showed me how vitally important it is to be living out Deuteronomy 6:6-9, rooting the Word and scripture based songs deep within my heart and within the hearts of my children during times of ease so we are prepared to walk with Jesus through the “storms.” It also began me on a journey of reading the biographies of those who lived their lives for Jesus and faced persecution. What encouragement I have found in the stories of Eric Liddell, Watchman Nee, Richard Wurmbrand, Corrie Ten Boom, etc. Harvest time has come to my area which means the geese are very active. Sunday as I walked Adi, I watched one small flock of less than a dozen geese after another move out from the pastures and into the fields. I found myself thinking of the small underground home churches and wondering if this is what the Lord has for us here in America next- meeting in small home groups feeding on the Word. As we drove to church later that morning I saw the little flocks scattered through the corn fields eating and I had such a peace knowing He is right now preparing His people, those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose, for whatever lies ahead.

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    1. No need to apologize, Beth. I really enjoy your “long” comments. They are always so rich in content.
      The Insanity of God is an excellent book! I now have the video/DVD which is excellent also. I also read the books you mentioned above. I studied and learned much from Watchman Nee. His book The Spiritual Man pointed me in the right direction as a much younger man searching the scriptures for the difference between the soul and the spirt. I taught several classes on the subject. Though there are two schools of thought on that subject, I find where the two sides come together and meet. It doesn’t satisfy everybody, but I view it as too minor an issue for continual debate.
      I liked your description of the flocks of geese and how God prepares, feeds, leads and cares for His elect (we who love Him deeply and are called according to His purpose).
      I agree about small home churches being the probable next step here. But I think it will be just the beginning, and they will need organizing with competent leadership. I just discovered South Korea is expecting to experience a beginning of persecution in their homeland. I didn’t get details, but this tells me what will come against the true church will be world-wide not just regional. In other words, there will be no place to escape it except into the arms of God Himself.
      It leaves me in a quandary of where do I start addressing this? But I know I’m not alone. He has always led me in His direction. Reminds me of the old hymn, “He leadeth me, He leadeth me. By His own hand, He leadeth me.”
      God bless you and yours as He leads you, Beth!

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      1. Such a blessing to know we are today and in whatever tomorrow holds safe in the arms of Jesus. My father was also greatly influenced by Watchmen Nee as a young man. The book that He would often speak of when I was a child was “Sit, Walk, Stand.” I wholeheartedly agree that the home churches will need organizing and competent leadership and pray for our pastors that they will be as is written in Chronicles like the “sons of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” Thank you so much for following the Lord’s lead and writing what He places on your heart.

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