Those Timely Visits

Since my earliest years, even today, I have never experienced a time that renewal didn’t come when I felt dry bones withering. My soul shrinking, like a worn patch of leather lying in a cold desert of a moonless night. Ultimately came a refreshing breeze, a burst of warming sunlight, and reinvigorating strength infused by the Spirit of the Savior; the Holiness of His presence inviting me to reach out and touch the face of God.

“There is always a preliminary to revival. It appears to come suddenly, and in a sense, it does. But if you look carefully into the history, you will always find that something was going on quietly, there was a preliminary, a preparation unobserved by people. And the foundation, invariably, has been a rediscovery of the grand and glorious central truths of the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith.”

– Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones From Revival

Dr. Lloyd-Jones’ subject matter was a great awakening. However, the same principle applies to personal renewal.

Things such as are we within the realm of obedience to God’s principles and precepts according to His word. How are our prayer life, bible reading, and daily thoughts toward God? Do we understand the code of practicing the presence of God in our everyday life?

It is not hard to drift away from such as these, and the likes of these. At times it is good practice to consciously bring to mind the central truths that are the foundation of our Christian faith.

Remembering the things we know to be true is a bright place to begin a phase of refreshing renewal. And the Savior is faithful, Who also sent to us His Holy Spirt to brings these things to mind. [“I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. but when He the, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you in all truth.” ~John 16:12-13]


Nevertheless, the foundation of God standeth sure.

2 Timothy 2:19

Image: Clouds of Gathering Mercy ~ G.W.

15 thoughts on “Those Timely Visits”

  1. Those times of renewal bring a forgotten intensity and often an urgency to knowing God and walking deeper.
    Conversations, even with strangers, are different. The clouds are beautiful and…well, things are just different.
    Good one G.W.

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  2. I love the picture you selected to accompany your post and even more so the word picture you painted in the opening paragraph. It brought to mind the words to a beloved hymn “Breathe on my breath of God, Fill me with life anew, That I may love what Thou dost love, and do what Thou wouldst do.”

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  3. I love those times of renewal that brings me closer to God and my eyes full of joyful tears. I called them “kisses from Heaven “.
    Beautiful pic GW.
    Great post . Thank you.
    The Lord bless you and keep you GW.

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