Gentle Reminder

Good Morning, South Africa! And thank you so very much for this reminder to the world!

Demi Lee Moore en nuweling, Riaan Benadé, het hierdie spesiale snit opgeneem om vir mense perspektief te gee in die tyd waarin ons onsself bevind. Dit video is verfilm gedurende die Suid-Afrikaanse staat van algehele inperking. Vind die snit slegs digitaal op die AiG-Speellys, spesiaal om HOOP vir mense te bring. Klik hier:

There was Jesus. There is Jesus. There will be Jesus when we arrive and pass our next way marker. May the Peace of Christ be with you all ! ~G.W.

5 thoughts on “Gentle Reminder”

    1. I love this song too. Thank you.

      So true. Each of our stories being unique in the Lord, what a joy it will be to gather together before His throne singing the Savior’s praises for each one!
      Lord’s blessings and safekeeping!

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