That Familiar Scent

That light scent again so fresh

Of aloes, cassia, and myrrh

From ivory palaces so blessed

Eternity’s Power of life so pure

His presence He makes known

In no wise am I alone. Enmeshed.


The word ‘enmeshed’ in American English tends to have a negative connotation in some areas such as Family Therapy, Psychology.

However, here I use it with the narrow meaning of ‘no boundaries’ between God’s Spirit and my spirit in communication as witnessed in:

Romans 8:16 to wit ~ The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.

I do suppose I have failed myself in having to explain my poetry. However, my writing is never primarily about my hand.

It is always about pointing toward God’s goodness.

By God’s faithfulness, He has often made me aware of His personal presence with me in a variety of ways when I most longingly needed it.

God is so good in every way, through Christ Jesus, our Lord.


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