A Bungle


Those missing have reappeared and are present again. I thought I fouled something learning this new block editor. But it happens, too, when wp techs are making adjustments. Here’s to those ‘Happiness Engineers.’

It seems I had another tech malfunction within my blog, and I find I’m missing some blogs from my list of those I follow.

I don’t know what causes these glitches, but I hope those missing find their way back because I don’t know how to go looking for them all.

It loosely reminds me of a cowboy movie I saw when I was a kid titled “Bad Day in Black Rock.”

I am sincerely again, sorry about this. This new block-head editor is going to take some time, methinks.

6 thoughts on “A Bungle”

  1. I hate the “blockhead” editor, but I like that name you gave it, bro. 😀

    I have been fighting the blockhead editor ever since it first tried to sneak in. Whenever it shows up, I hit the option to revert to the classic editor.



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