Humor-esque, sort of

OK. Let’s try this again. An ounce of humor can cure a pound of what ails a troubled heart-mind-spirit-circumstance-world news.

To keep my last three brain cells from bumping into each other, a bit of humor-itis.

For those who think I’m suddenly flooding their wp reader thread, relax. It’s a temporary condition. I misplaced my fourth brain cell. I’m sure it will turn up soon.


Meet my brother. I want to be just like him when I grow up.




Yeah…High Tech can make anything believable.


Yep. I thought getting old would take longer.



No Chimps were harmed making this pharma advertisement.



Alex says: Huh? What was that?



…and I don’t even need wi-fi with this new foil hat.



Yep. They didn’t come this far just by being lucky.



Not my real body. Just the one in my mirror.




I see it too. He needs a bigger boat to pull that size truck out.



“A glad heart makes a cheerful face; but an aching heart breaks the spirit.” Proverbs 15:13

May you have a very GLAD heart in the Lord.


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