How Life Should Be


When will things get back to normal?

Will life become healthy again?

Is this a “new normal?”

Will this be the new normal

from here throughout life?

What is “normal?”


What is normal? In my lifetime, I have slowly come to realize life is actual when events happen both in and outside our control. We go from crisis to problem-solving to needs being met, both big and small. The peaceful lulls in between we tend to think of as “normal.”

We all have a personal vision of how life should be in our ideal mind. We get these visions through observing all sorts of bits and pieces of stimuli coming to us from any number of environments and filtering them through our personal perceptions of what they mean. Very often, our understandings are not based on reality but things desired as we piece it all together. 

When we plan out how we want our life to come together, the ideal experience, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we gather the best information and make the most intelligent decisions we can under the given circumstances.

But that in itself is no guarantee of success. The law of unintended effects is the overriding factor that remains outside our control. That law is the fact that no matter the careful planning and best decision implemented, we still don’t know how it will turn out or the final results. Some call that “Murphy’s Law” as a playful way of saying whatever can go wrong, will. But is it normal? Again, what is normal?

Everything written above is from a secular view, and without my mentioning the critical ingredient. That missing ingredient is God in the mix.

If we put the living and very active God in the picture, everything becomes rearranged in such a way as to bring order out of chaos, and hope out of defeat.

Knowing God has been the most important and most durable education of the last half of my lifetime up to now, and it keeps growing.

Everything I have posted on my blog these five years of being at WP has been posted to give a small piece of one of my experiences of knowing God. To know God is to trust God. Trusting God in the highest sense of knowing true peace in this world regardless of circumstances. When I don’t understand a situation, events, or plagues, I remember my words to Him when I first told Him, “I trust you, Lord” and the peace that came over me then, and the peace that comes over me now. He is faithful, and that is not just a simple platitude.

My Savior saves, that is what He does. He plucks flaming brands out of the fire before they are consumed. And the Savior wants very much to pluck you from whatever furnace is about to destroy you.

“All who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Romans 10:13


“Savior, Savior

Hear my humble cry!

While on others thou are calling

Do not pass me by!”

Call out very loudly if you have to. Wave your arms to get the Savior’s attention. Give a shrill whistle. Do it while hiding under your bed or hiding in a closet. Call out loudly from the heart with a slight whisper of the lips. He is faithful and hears all. But do it now. Soon it may be too late.


9 thoughts on “How Life Should Be”

  1. There is no greater testimony G.W. than to be able to say “To know God is to Trust God.” I will shout from another place down the road apiece the same echo that has a million voices added throughout history to this very second…”He is faithful!”

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