“Social Media Dangers Exposed”!

I found this information absolutely and appallingly frightful for the dangers our children face in a culture of social media, and in their daily lives because of it. Online child predators are very real and children so vulnerable! ~G.W.

As we are preparing for a special assembly at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 5, 2020 in the Fine Arts Center of Southside Christian School in Simpsonville, South Carolina, EVERY SINGLE PARENT WHOSE CHILD USES SOCIAL MEDIA MUST WATCH THIS NINE-MINUTE VIDEO!

via “Social Media Dangers Exposed”! — drbobinc

10 thoughts on ““Social Media Dangers Exposed”!”

  1. Yes, I believe that it can be proven with real numbers that social media actually creates social divisions rather than social unity.
    The lines are being defined on who we follow.
    In the time of the harvest it was prophesied by the Lord that the wheat and the Tares once fully grown would be discernible.
    We as Christian need to Love and represent the Kingdom of God speaking the Gospel of Reconciliation, Peace and unity. And Love acting in these Kingdom principle traits. While unilaterally letting those who do good keep doing good and letting those who do evil keep doing evil. God is the only judge and the primary discerner of the heart.
    Listen Listen Love love, this is the Way, the Truth and the Life of the believers.

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    1. Yes, prayer. It’s so strong nothing can stop it and so fast nobody can even see it when it travels out and beyond this world. Neither do they see the results returned until the good is already accomplished.



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