Photos and Memories

To forget our story is to forget who we are and why we’re here. There is a reason to remember. Both good and bad. Acceptance of our failings and celebration of our successes. All the while learning who we are becoming and who the Creator is creating us to be in His image. Remembering those who helped us along the way, and remembering how we have helped those following behind. Remembering to continue helping those until the day we are called to review on that Great Day of the Lord.


Memories of the ages

Bad mixed with distinctly good.

They come to bless or haunt

Depending on the latest mood.


Photographs kept tended, memories to be valued.

Photos of the mind,

Never are they blind,

Visiting they come both happy and blue.

But which of any are tested, or possibly found askew?


No wonder remembering is such a central theme in Scripture. God knows the gravitational pull of human awareness, which draws us inevitably toward forgetting. God’s people are always in danger of losing their memory, forgetting who they are and whose they are.

“Thinking God’s thoughts after him” is how Johannes Kepler described his work as an early modern scientist in Europe. It was his photograph, his way of remembering why he was here, his work, and God’s place in it all.


“He hath remembered his love

and his faithfulness toward the house of


all the ends of the earth have seen

the salvation of our God.” Psalm 98:3


“If I weep let it be as a man who is longing for his home…” A timeless classic from Rich Mullins

9 thoughts on “Photos and Memories”

  1. Oh the good memories of my college years that came tumbling forth as I listened to Rich Mullins’ song. I greatly appreciate how richly the Lord’s truths are woven into your writing and poetry. Thank you!

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  2. I am grateful for this post.

    This evening I have been feeling alone in a seemingly predominantly lost and hateful world. What I mean is it pains me to see outright mockery of the Lord Jesus Christ on the internet, even by people I know. It always stings my soul to see the refusal to believe in what has been done by Christ for them, the insensitive remarks that the writers might not even consider could sadden the heart of someone they know, and I suppose it to be just to make their peers laugh or to make themselves appear wise in their own eyes. “Wise”, because they are so “educated”… in the things that don’t save their souls.

    My heart aches for those who are not only lost but who aren’t even aware of their state of being lost. They know not that their eternal destination hangs on a thin hinge.

    I silently pray for them: “Dear Father in heaven, please let there be a change of heart in those who mock You. All I can do is ask You. I long to see more people love You.”

    And I pray for me: “God please help me deal with this discouragement. I feel utterly alone, with nobody with whom I can discuss this burden upon my heart. Lord, where are Your people, the few that talk of You? How long will You wait before You close the door, so we who love You can be in Your presence with all who also love You, and You wipe away our tears as we end our crying for the lost?”

    And I saw your blog post tonight, dear brother GW, and felt slightly less alone as I was reminded there is at least one other person out there openly writing about the love of God, and showing their love for God and His everlasting Word like a beacon of light that says “Hey, my brothers and sisters, look here! I am your brother. I love the same One whom you love. We will all be united with Him. Just wait.”

    “Maranatha”, in a loud voice from the depths of my being, waiting urgently for His shout!

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    1. Oh Steeny, this is a beautiful comment post, so honest and filled with longing for the Savior!
      I know just what you mean about the widespread general lack of respect or worse toward the Lord.
      However, I try to keep my eyes on not what is seen, but unseen. The eternal reality of the Eternal One and only, and His love that He spreads abroad in our hearts, reminding us that He is very near, even in our very hearts and soul. I, too tend to get discouraged at times. More and more lately I find myself reciting Psalm 119:1-3 throughout my day:

      “I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
      where does my help come from?
      2 My help comes from the Lord,
      the Maker of heaven and earth.
      3 He will not let your foot slip—
      he who watches over you will not slumber;”
      Thank you so much for your comment, and may the Lord bless you abundantly in heart, mind, soul and strength as you continue in His Way!
      Blessings, my sister!

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      1. Dear brother, I apologize for my slowness in seeing this. I have been in my usual busy state with the added bonus of fibromyalgic brain fog, but I want to try to be on WordPress more. It is always good to read your words. I thank God for you. Maranatha!

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  3. Oh the memories, the way points of life that lead us beyond ourselves to the savior. Great comments from Crissy Beth and Steeny (and you G.W.) Our memories just may be etched into the tapestry of our eternity.

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    1. I so agree, Gary. Our memories serve most importantly to remember God’s grace, goodness, and tender mercies through our lifetimes, which serve to build our trust in Him more firmly as we remember His faithfulness through each season of our lives. No greater love can we show the Lord than to trust Him from our hearts. He is very patient. Our memories must certainly be woven into the tapestry of our eternity, yes. Praise His Holy Name!

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