Hidden Gems

That hidden gem is the one least expected when found. It’s the one not being sought. It’s expectantly unexpected. When it’s kicked up from the dust and brush from where it is nestled, it isn’t immediately recognized.

It’s often kicked away when stumbled upon. But that slight glisten in the sunlight as it rolls away catches the eye, inviting one more perusal. After this, it is often cast away forever, lost in some forgotten past. The treasure most precious, unrecognized, unappreciated, and quickly forgotten.


Know iron pyrite ain’t gold


wizard nothing ’bout poetry

read poetry

label poetry

say poetry

write poetry


a little bud

then blossoms.


In the eye of the beholder,

and voilà!

poetry not

or maybe yes


   poet is still born.



Lord have mercy, I have stepped into many varmint snares and viper holes while looking and experimenting, as I wander down the path of explorers, while on the road of Calvary. This narrow passage called The Way.

Scars? They’re only scars. And I know more are to come. It doesn’t hurt. Silently I scream so the devil doesn’t hear and delight in the tip. Tears edge the rim but don’t overflow, ’cause my bottle’s full. Laughter billows up saving filled cup before one more droplet joins in. 


(There Was a Man from Uz)

Curse God, she said,

and die.


Silly woman. Cover your eyes.

No need for you to see.


You stay here,

I’ll go there

and cover my ears instead,

she said.


“There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.

And there were born unto him seven sons and three daughters.

His substance also was seven thousand sheep, and three thousand camels, and five hundred yoke of oxen, and five hundred she asses, and a very great household; so that this man was the greatest of all the men of the east.” Job 1:1-3

~But Job (Jobe) loses his whole estate. Then he loses his health. Then he loses his friends. Then he cries out that he vehemently requests a face to face meeting with God to question, “Why have I been treated this way? What have I done wrong!?” God answers, “Who are you to question My ways?” God goes into detail with questions for Job. Job is humbled to repentance. Job’s relationship with God grows higher than it has ever been before. His tie had been mere as a righteous man before God. Now he and God were friends, and THAT became the reason he lived righteous before God.

I recommend reading the full story. It’s a good lesson in redemption when we think we are already doing OK. (Book of Job, OT).


A pocket post in time saves nine

9 thoughts on “Hidden Gems”

  1. Well G.W. My first thought from your first thought: All too often we throw out our uncovered gem but labeled it trash. I have been labeled and treated like “trash” by a former work place. job was allowed to be trashed. Live long enough and it will happen somewhere sometime.
    I was side tracked by your background picture (rural Iowa?) because in my life’s context the last two days has been discussing retirement. not sure whats over the hill but it’s potentially ominous and scary. But I have a better wife (my bias) than Job through all our troubles and the same God…A lot to learn from Job.

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    1. Two or three main thoughts, Gary. 1) We all do feel like trash somewhere, sometime. But we KNOW we are not trash as we are told by a higher Authority that we are royalty sojourning through a strange country on our way home to the kingdom. Very unrecognized by the natives of this land. 2) Thereby Hidden Gems is what we are by God’s grace and our adoption by Him. 3) Contemplating the end of our working life through retirement can be very scary looking from the entryway.
      But I can assure you, having been there it really is not something to be afraid of. It really is fairly enjoyable, depending on your mental outlook, frame of mind and what you make of it.
      I had no idea how I was going to make it, no idea what I was going to do, being somewhat disabled. But I put all my eggs in God’s basket trusting Him like never before. Believed Him at His word He would take care of me even unto my old age and gray hairs. And He has made it spectacular for me beyond anything I could have planned for myself.
      I keep myself bound closely to Him putting all my trust in Him for every little thing. The way He honors that and the way He takes care of me, I feel almost — no, not almost — I feel downright wealthy in my retirement now. And I’m closer to God now than ever I have been in my life. It’s a pleasure adventure and He makes my itinerary, daily. Trust God with your whole being and He will show you how the beauty He is capable of making your golden years just that. He truly takes care of His children from birth to old age. That is my experience and my witness to His faithfulness and His deep, deep goodness!

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  2. Thanks for the insight and foresight for me G.W.
    I know that trusting God and being bound to him is the wealth in all of life. His eye is on the sparrow (and I know He watches me). You do have quite a testimony of Gods watch care and goodness.

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