Paper Airplanes

Sometimes. Many times, I’m concerned the flights of words will crash upon departure. However, more often I determine to depend solely upon the Giver of all good things to work His will to see His words to their appointed destinations, be that wherever they may.


I write words on folded paper airplanes

And fly them out this high-rise window

To ride the lofty wind-current billows

Destinations by me unknown


Words to pray not to stray

Hints of hints to point the way

To other mysteries not in plain sight

But linked together by etheric flight



Fifteen minutes’ fame not my aim

Neither do I desire it be my name

A stone, a stone, a pure white stone

Connecting me to the Giver alone


His Name engraves this eternal call

My life known to Him among them all.

  • G.W.
  • Revelation 2:17





8 thoughts on “Paper Airplanes”

  1. Now I can really relate to the imagery of paper airplanes. My paper airplanes always crashed after doing a few quick loops, circles and went nowhere. I have about that much faith in my computer and the internet I guess. Maybe that is why I would rather stand in front of an audience to speak instead of write as I can read each face be they indifferent or soaking in a message. Either way I’m glad the Holy Spirit edits and delivers the right message to the right people. Good one G.W.

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