This humble scribe has never suffered from a real “writer’s block.” I have born writer’s laziness, writer’s fear, writer’s apathy, writer’s yesterdays, writer’s tomorrows. But not a writer’s “block.” I still find the freedom to write by sacrificing any inclination to be called “a writer.”

I rise and fall in stages. Similar to a cascade-like effect. Therefore I oft-times cycle anew a semi-favorite creation upgraded from a quondam illustration. (in modern English, please: “Therefore I often recycle a former post that I like, having edited and slightly upgrading the original”).

I have a certain paternal partiality for this little rendering I did way back in the first quarter of twenty-nineteen. I guess it is fitting and proper that I should like it as I am the one which rendered it into being. Some people call that being the “author.” But also it was the first-born of its kind for me. I have heard it said that the word “render” is very close in description to bringing something into being without consent. That sounds very like parenthood, n’est-ce pas?

However I gave this writing my full permission to come into being. The composition itself had no say in the matter, in that it did not give its consent to be formed in the exactitude of how I composed it in every detail. This little rebel, she fought with me throughout her process to completion. That also endears her to my heart a little closer.

Having created it in the first quarter of the year, and personally liking this thing I wrought, I do believe it was only fitting I bring it forward to the ending quarter of the year. Forward to the end? Can that be correct? Somehow it seems it should be “forward to the beginning,” or “back to the end.” Now that’s becoming too convoluted. I’ll stop here and get some overdue sleep, then look at this after day break. I know daybreak is one word, but if it has broken it should be reflected in the spelling, don’t you agree? ~ G.W.


Down dropt the breeze,the sails dropt down/

‘Twas sad as sad could be; /

And we did speak only to break /

The silence of the sea! …Day after day, day after day /

We stuck, nor breath nor motion /

As idle as a painted ship / Upon a painted ocean.

“The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”


There are times when I lose the wind in my sails. It happens to the best of sailors, and I’m certainly not that. I’m speaking figuratively, of course, and I’m speaking of writing one more blog post while a blank page keeps staring back at me with the challenge of a blinking cursor that says, “no more words!”


Sometimes the thoughts, ideas, and words flood into my mind so fast that the sails of the old schooner/ billowing/ filled with wind/ threaten to capsize the whole vessel. At such time it’s all I can do to quickly reel in and capture notes of the swirling ideas for further development in the future.


But at times of the blinking cursor, no stored words or notes apply. No words. No pictures. No ideas. No sketches. No nothing. Not a ripple. Not even a cat’s paw upon the surface of a glassy sea. Sit at my desk, half-closed eyes looking at that computer screen. Vacant. Empty. Blank. Stare.

And. So! In the vast, barren, desolation of nothingness, a big “SO WHAT – I DON’T CARE!” out of nowhere comes flooding in to fill the void.

That demon, apathy, floods the bilges and tries to sink, weigh down, or otherwise make the helm unresponsive to any set course of headway. What to do? “Who cares?” “What does it matter anyway?” Apathy! “I don’t write for profit.” Apathy. “My existence does not depend on being a writer of words on a page, screen, abandoned building walls, nor the temptation of a granular sandy beach in a tropical sun. My life is not dependent on words.” Apathy. Challenging. Taunting, desiring to have me. To take over entirely by causing me to mount a mutiny against — myself.


“BUT, (I say) I need words to organize and describe the illustrative snapshots. The parts and parcels. The yet-to-be-organized pictures, murals, illuminative designs I have in my mind that I want to communicate to – well — to whomever.” I begin a defensive counter-attack. “Jehovah Nissi – the Lord is my banner!” It is under Him that I serve. I am not writing for my ideas, for my financial gain, neither for fame nor fortune. I’m writing to make Him known, to magnify – to glorify – my Savior — from my perspective, sure. But who’s perspective do I know – do I have the experience of – other than my own? And what person who writes can say any more? For better or worse, who can describe more?”


Apathy reels, daunted! It’s unsure of its position. It begins to vacate the bilges. It’s backing away, uncertain of its footing, with wide-eyed concern. The mutiny is weakening. Its desire to have me is lessening. It is draining away back into the wide-open seas. The battle belongs to the LORD! It is His to have the Victory, once again! Trust and obey. Trust and obey, a good thing to remember.


A good thing to remember whether the sails are windless and the vessel becalmed or the seas are thrashing under heavy weather with sails ripping and timbers creaking. Trust and obey the Captain, under Whose banner we serve.


“Today, if you hear his voice,

do not harden your hearts

as you did in the rebellion.” *

  • G.W.


“and that this entire assembly may know that the Lord does not save with the sword or with the spear; for the battle is the Lord’s and He will hand you (apathy, or whatever situation) over to us.” 1 Samuel 17:47

Some day this war will end. When it’s over it will be over. Until then it is just keep putting one foot in front of the next. Never give up, never give in!  -g.w

*Hebrews 3: 15


Header Graphic: Artnet – “Becalmed”


8 thoughts on “Wind”

    1. So true, Crissy. I understood much in the bible in the early years because of my military experience of perseverance under dire hardships. Our spiritual war is very like military warfare as regards perseverance under hardships. I guess that’s why the apostle Paul describes it with like reference.

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  1. Well, the fish are biting!
    I relate well my friend.
    How about this? while I go fishing you can write on “Truth” (Ya it’s bubbling in my head) so many think it’s relative when we are relative to it. We just discover, as we mature or have experiences we experience deeper and deeper meanings and revelations of (for instance how much God loves us). Lets face it, John 3:16 has deeper and deeper meanings to us as we grow. That initial spark of understanding is 180 degrees transforming….
    There, Hopefully I bumped your boat in am odd way. Now I’m going fishing. There is a guy who needs boat time and needs to hear what I have to say from the Lord (and he can’t walk on water)
    When the time is write (rite…urr right) I will ask him to write out his testimoney to guest blog it for me and whoever will read it.

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    1. My friend I hope you hooked a lot of fish!
      Giving to me an assignment of writing about “Truth” as a substitute to going fishing seems less than fair though, I must say. LOL! 😉
      Do you have any idea how much I have written on the subject of Truth? And I always know, even as often as I have written and preached and lectured on that one subject, I only touch the surface. I have approached it from so many different directions, that the more I write about it the more I become aware that it is an inexhaustible subject. The reason is that it always comes back to Almighty God being the Absolute Truth, and He by definition is inexhaustible.

      He says to you, “Well done.”

      Well, my friend I see I just lost half of what I had written to you. I guess WP thought I was too wordy. I guess I was ’cause I can’t remember it all word for word. So…maybe I will later and get back with you. Sorry about that.

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      1. Well, G.W. The thunder and lightening and rains came and settled in all day. My boat and poles are willing, ready, and able…but they also become a lightening rod of sorts…no fish. sigh…
        Yes, I have read some of what you have written on truth. It is an infinite subject and I am still taking baby steps of understanding and experiencing in my walk with The Truth, The Way, The Life, The I AM.

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