Please. Do Inquire

Inquiry: in alternate medium.

To be sure the question is asked. And asked again. And –  yet again.

May inquiry never stifle itself. Neither allow dreaded silence to — oh! Look! A bunny! –distract it.

Answers are in the Deep.

The Ancient Words.

Many look but do not see.

Many listen but do not hear.

Keep looking.

Keep listening.

He may reveal Himself yet.

5 thoughts on “Please. Do Inquire”

  1. YES!!!!!!! He will reveal Himself. Keep seeking His kingdom and His righteousness and he will reveal His Son. We need not look any further when we find Him but desire more of Him. Blessings.

    1. Yes. Deep calls to deep. The Ancient Words will answer questions.
      God will have mercy on whom He will have mercy. He will reveal Himself to whom He will reveal Himself. The desire to know Him is a strong draw to His attention.
      “Savior, Savior hear my humble cry! While you’re calling on others, please don’t pass me by!”


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