Over 555 Milion Posts and Thankful

This was my post one month after my arrival at WP. It boggled my mind then and thinking now about how that number must have increased, I can only say it gives me gratitude if I were to receive just one single viewer in a day. Also makes me think how big the world really is even though it seems smaller because of easy connectivity compared to former years, due to internet access and platforms like WP. And it makes me think how thankful to the Lord of mercies I am for you all, wherever you may happen to be, near or far world-wide!

Have a glorious day! G.W.

Over 555 Milion Posts

WP just published their yearly report for 2014. They reportedly helped launch 20 million new blogs coming to WP, with over 555 million post for the year. Out of all that mine is only one. Like being a single drop in the Pacific Ocean. Small wonder few know mine exists. I haven’t experienced seeing even a small fraction of those blogs or posts available here at WP. Just wow!

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