I’m bringing this one back again. For some reason it’s recently been getting more attention. It is about a delectable delicacy a nibble of nostalgia. Written on whim, laced in whimsy. Now I get nostalgic thinking about when I wrote regarding it. Time flies even faster when blogging. Babbling in bloggage is sometimes a nifty way to record nostalgia as it’s happening. Now I feel even older (but yet younger, how can that be?). Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…make up all our little yesterdays, synthesizing them into snapshots called memories. Presto! Nostalgia! Delicious moments renewed not necessarily as they happened, but as we want to remember they happened.

If you don’t yet have nostalgia of your own you can borrow some of mine. I have more than enough of which to hold forth and share. You can take that to the bank…and draw interest.

Here: Retro Burma-Shave and God’s Goodness

“Does anybody remember the Burma-Shave road signs when traveling cross-country in the 1950’s?(Reportedly, across the U.S from 1925-1963). Every year (either Christmas, or summer vacation) my Dad and Mom would put me and my older brother in the car and we would travel from Michigan back to Texas to visit all of our relatives. Always a grand adventure of the first order for us kids…”

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  Matthew 6:34


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13 thoughts on “Nostalgia”

  1. Also, I like what you posted here today. I wonder if nostalgia will be part of the joy of heaven. Those who don’t have much of it can borrow from others as stories get shared. What a wondrous eternity lies ahead for all of us who trust Jesus, discovering the mysteries of joy that were so elusive and short-lived in this part of life.

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