Every Morning

These are King Davids words as recorded in Psalm 5:3 from the translation according to the Message bible. I like how personal this translation portrays Davids words giving us the motivation to do likewise.

14 thoughts on “Every Morning”

  1. Well My Friend, Sometimes there is fire in my soul, sometimes rain to wash and cleanse me. Sometimes the pheasant rooster is crowing by the screen porch or the bear is strolling by. But, I do lay out the pieces of my life and wait expectantly and God seems to answer in His unmistakable manner (no two times alike). This morning I felt joy in the pains of life. I am thankful for your walk with God and sharing it.

  2. Yes and Amen. The fire is descending in my life at the moment…. the Sovereign Lord knows what needs burning/pruning right now .
    Blessings g.w.

    1. Hi, Sonrisa! I know just what you mean. He is fashioning the image of Christ within you. Bless you as He gives you the peace to endure during this time.


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