Eternal Bond

Reason, emotion and will, blend in a most harmonious way. Apropos of this, experience upon experience is added for confirmation of communication beyond natural expression. It is inexplicable. It is mystery. It is beyond human language. But it is understood by human language. It is spirit and nature merged. It is not higher generation. It is regeneration. It most certainly is not blind.

My faith in, and of, the Savior is not blind.


Divine understanding

this theology

essential to me.

serving as anchor,

navigational compass,

chart to peace.

The mystery of God

most important to me.

Theology a lynchpin

in gate hinge

of entryway –

into mystery

that is God.

both understanding

and mystery

begin and end

with this knowledge

given by and of Him.

sight and insight,

infinite justice

mercy, grace

purity of goodness

captivation of

the will

pleasurable mystery

everlasting to everlasting


  • G.W.

Before the mountains were born
    or you brought forth the whole world,
    from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

(Psalm 90:2)

Published by: G.W.

Eclectic in renderings. Prose and poetry, rhyme, free verse, and graphics. I have but One interest with manifold interests emanating from that One. More info available in 'About Me' in my 'Hiding in Plain Site.' There is a small square box with three little dots inside, on the upper right hand side of every blog posted page,at the right side of title banner. Click on those dots to take you to a "hidden" site page with more info provided by me, including "follow" button and "About me." (I didn't design this.It came as-is). Also, WP has a mandatory banner at the bottom of the screen about privacy and cookies policy that blocks the visibility of a "follow" button that pops up under a "close and accept' of the privacy agreement. You must click the 'close and accept' to see the follow button. Things are becoming more complicated to navigation with hidden activations and complex instructions.

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