Dying – To Self

Happy Fathers Day to all dads around the world. This particular blog title may seem a strange one considering its Fathers Day by recognition and tradition. I have written about my earthly father before on past occasions.

But this time I’m calling by request recognition to the father of a fellow blogger Gary Fultz. Gary wrote an amazing tribute to his dad that is heartfelt in being happy/sad, joyful/sorrow, beautiful/beautiful. It also describes the last part of life from the perspective of a dad, who is dying, and his son. Both of whom know, honor, trust and adore our risen Savior, Christ Jesus.

Please take my word for it and go over to Gary’s post by clicking on the prompt, and treating yourself to a fine article. One that is surely destined to become a literary classic of its genre. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks. – g.w.

via Dying – Gods Ways are…Different


Behold, the LORD’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save-Isaiah 59:1


4 thoughts on “Dying – To Self”

  1. You were right. That was an excellent post. My Dad died at 83 three years ago, and I am not sure about his eternal existence. I hope I will see him in heaven. I WILL be in heaven.

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    1. My dad died 75 and I’m not certain of his salvation either. But my mother raised all five of us Christian with my dad insisting we listen to her and attend church, though he didn’t. My mother died at 89 with full assurance and all five of us have the same. All of her grand children were raised to know the Lord, too. My son has close relationship with the Lord, which gives he and I much to talk about and pleases me greatly. He is teaching his children. Thanks for stopping by!

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