Faith Is

Biblical faith is the aqueduct that brings the Living Water into the City of Light.

Good thing to know when your river runs dry. The lush lawn turns to sand. Broken dreams turn to dust. Laughter turns to tears. The well springs a sewage leak. You know. The normal, and not so normal, occurrences of life.

Faith, biblical faith, comes by the Faith-Giver.

Do you know faith has to be exercised? Used. Opened. Drawn out. If you never need it you’ll never know it. And you will die of thirst. If you get thirsty you’re going to need a drink of cold, clear water and only then will you know the difference between sand and water. Living water is better when you know you need it, and without it you will die. Faith is like that. Like a flat spare tire, a flat faith, unneeded, won’t make itself known until it’s too late.

Like I said in the beginning. Good thing to know when the river runs dry. If you have the River of Life, Faith unto Life and the Author of life, Christ Jesus, the river will never run dry again.  Check out Hebrews 11:1– again.

Oh! And when you get there? Tell ’em g.w. sent you. He knows my name — long time now.


9 thoughts on “Faith Is”

    1. Thank you, Sally. It can be easy to forget sometimes. I like how the Lord delivers your summer ice to your back door! That’s so cool! 😊


  1. This resonates strongly with me G.W. I’m Sitting with my dad lately (we live 5 hours and life stuff apart). We discuss the depths of faith a lot. He talks of his Faith as a river of life which flows into eternity. Old age, cancer and a host of problems seem to have him in the word and in prayer more and more. His words are often too deep for some of his well wishers. Being around a savy old dying saint can make one experience a peaceful sad excitement.

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    1. What a treasure you have, Gary. And a blessing! And your dad even more so. The Living God prepping him personally, making the final arrangements for him to come home! Reminds me of the Patriarchs of the OT. Wish that I should go in such company!

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