“Light and Life!”

I recently had the privilege of being introduced to Dr. Bob Stouffer’s sermons for the first time by way of this transcript posted on his WordPress site.

I don’t remember ever hearing before, a preacher open his Sunday morning sermon by introduction of a lesson in the significance of English grammar. Although we know the importance of grammar for a more precise communication of our, or any, language.

Here he not only does this effectively, he continues extolling it’s virtues in opening up the scriptures, shining a brighter light on Who God says He is. In using a staccato delivery in rhythm with explanatory passages, his preaching style is not only spot on scripturally, but it struck me as an orchestra finely tuned, delivering praises to God’s glory.

Please follow the link I posted below and discover for yourself. I think you will be blessed.  -g.w. 


On Sunday, May 5, 2019, I had the privilege of opening up the Word of God as a “substitute preacher” at Eastside Presbyterian Church.  If you would like to read the transcript of my message, “Light and Life!” please read on. . . .

via “Light and Life!”





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