This Passing Shadow | 3 ‘No God’

I don’t think I’m going to do this again. Parceling out bytes of an article because I judge the full article too long to post in a single posting. Sectionalizing ( I don’t think that’s a word, but it is now) a complete thought into a mini-series of posts in order to parse each one doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t feel comfortable. I can’t see a natural flow. It’s distracting to the original intent, in my opinion of my own endeavors to further develop my style. However, I’m all about experimenting. And I’m considering this experiment a fail in my own eyes. Be that as it may, I will continue this experiment to it’s completion, and put the experience into my notebook of what not to do in the future. ~ g.w.

~ ~ ~

[The end of the Age of Enlightenment has revealed the darkening shadow that lay hidden beneath. The continuance of the Age of Intellectualism is furthering that shadow to reveal a deepening darkness spreading across the globe.]

Continuing from Part 2

To be clear, I am not analyzing. I am simply reporting as I an observer. I am a spectator looking down from thirty-thousand feet at the big picture(figuratively speaking, of course). As I observe I try to put pieces together to get a better understanding of the time I am living in. A time observed of which I am not alone in thinking, “something has gone dreadfully wrong.” I have many questions, and the answers all seem to zero back around to one glaring, precise, position as the single-most fatal flaw from which all others emanate. And that most blinding position of intransigence is: NO GOD.

A grievous flaw which, in this unique time of events, affect’s all people of the globe. For the reason that there seems to be no place of escape, physically, from the results of what is transpiring. Time and history is spinning out of control and is on a direct collision course with the very God that they deny.

This observation from a not-so-disinterested spectator. I am VERY interested because I am in this world also, and my heart and soul is on the “firing-line,” too. I, too, will experience the suffering of my close loved ones along with that of millions, even billions of people who are not in agreement with the would-be, self-appointed supreme leaders of the New Dark Ages, and their minions. The Bible has an interjectory statement used many times throughout at just such times, as the one we’re in now.

The phrase: “But God”- Example: “but God, in a time of His own choosing, acted….” The result being that looming disaster for His subjects was thwarted according to His interests, plans, will, and desire. For truth, this ‘God- that- does -not- exist,’ is NOT a disinterested observer of anything pertaining to mankind. His keen eye of extreme interest is always focused exactly where it should be — and that is everywhere and upon everything! 

Therefore, this time we are in does not mean it is an end of all things. This will not be the end of the story of mankind.

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8 thoughts on “This Passing Shadow | 3 ‘No God’”

  1. From Psalm 14:1…

    The fool hath said in his heart: no God.

    But God is there, whether the fool wants to believe or not.

    It is awful to think about how bad things are in this world right now and how they will be worse during the tribulation. I believe we who believe will be removed before that, and we will be comforted by Jesus, so our present worry is not going to be an issue once we are gone.

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    1. Very true. Very true. My words are aiming for the soul still treading their way to perdition not yet awakened, perchance a deaf ear may yet hear an utterance of sound, causing them to stop and ponder the meaning before that final day. 🙂

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