Wednesday – A Metaphor

Being that today is Wednesday I would like to apologize to this day of the week for a slight misunderstanding. Last week I posted a bit of bombast “signifying nothing” – Meaning, nothing literal.

That day of the week, Wednesday, was randomly picked by me as a metaphor representing — well, something else that was sticking in my Druthers. And “Druthers” meaning I druther (I’d rather) talk about something else, and avoid the true issue altogether. That being the case, I still wanted to let the frustration out about how I felt about “it” so I put a mask on “it” and identified “it” as a day of the week. Simple. And random.

So I wanted to explain I have nothing against this particular day of the week, Wednesday. Because it is, after all, a day the Lord has made, along with the other six.

Also, I would like to thank Metaphor for being so handy, and useful, and willing, and helpful a friend that never asks questions when asked to serve. Except when it does: ask questions, that is. Albeit softly, inconspicuously, and incognito.   -g.w.

Published by: G.W.

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