Passing Shadow | 2

Part 2. –Continuing from Part 1.

[The end of the Age of Enlightenment has revealed the darkening shadow that lay hidden beneath. The continuance of the Age of Intellectualism is furthering that shadow to reveal a deepening darkness spreading across the globe.]

~ ~ ~

Science, that be-knighted savior, the joy of the early “Age of Enlightenment,” has been so entangled by the weeds of fantasy, conjecture, and absence of reason that the scientists of truth and objectivity have been ostracized, banished, cast out from the “social club” that claims the supreme power over all. And such is taking us into a “New Dark Ages” bereft of reason and increasingly filled evermore with prideful intransigence.

And where is the God Who created science? In fact – He is where He has always been. In fact – He has not been displaced by even a millimeter. The Alpha and Omega, He is also by implication, everything in between also. He can Not be moved by any volition outside Himself. That is very simply an observable fact born of empirical evidence, and common knowledge, regardless of any wrongful position publicly, and falsely, stated.

However, the supreme secular fanaticism of the New Dark Ages has repeated, and is repeating, the very same self-pride induced fatal mistakes by empires, kingdoms, cultures, and peoples of all ages past. And there is nothing new under the sun. Mankind’s basic nature has never changed. The New Dark Age fantasy is declaring the One True God, simply put: dead. Ignored. Shunned. Put under their feet. Removed. Declared non-existent. And their empty victory shout is: FREEDOM! Fact being that self-destructive insanity, brought about by self-enslavement to spiritual darkness, is NOT freedom. Their cry is unmasked to truly reveal it for what it is: An oxymoron. Self-delusion. A lie being stared down by Truth. And Truth laughs out loud as witnessed by His deterrent moves at critical junctures.

– Still more to come >  -g.w.

Published by: G.W. 😉

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3 thoughts on “Passing Shadow | 2”

  1. From My early youth director days I have watched the advancement of this Decay throughout most of my life with a great sadness…May God use your gifted words from His Word to pierce souls and free minds.

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