Another Wednesday

: Ok, so Wednesday did it to me again! But I’m not giving up! Ima gonna post this EVERY Wednesday until the treasures of heaven’s blessings flood into “The Wednesday Vacuum” and fill it with the Light that will not fade, recede, nor be extinguished! (I don’t know how I will overcome, but I’m not alone in this.) *Oh! And just so ya’ know? That’s not Walter White in the above sketch. It’s ME on Dark Wednesday.

( I mean it COULD be me…if I let it. )*


Today I celebrate Wednesday.

A day I have long held as a vacuum in blogging opportunities. This vacuous essence remains in my interpretive senses. However, I do recognize now, that even the emptiness of a vacuum has meaning. And it provides opportunity for something of great worth suddenly flooding in to fill the seemingly endless void. Plus, I don’t want to let even something the size of a mustard seed plant a thought that may develop into a superstition, turning a common day of the week into more than it is. (a vacuous day of the week! j/k)

We are at war, after all. And the battlefield is the mind. (Romans 12: 1-2)

5 thoughts on “Another Wednesday”

  1. I pray that you will have a Wednesday where you feel the words are up to snuff for your writing standards. Either that, or we all do away with Wednesdays and celebrate eternal joy in the presence of Jesus Christ our Lord. Oh, the joy that is coming!!

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  2. Go for it G.W. I’m so far behind on reading and writing and going off grid for a few days, I won’t catch up. You can have my my wednesdays but that’s more vacuuming. I’m behind Steeny Lou on this, kinda, except for the snuff…

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