Ancient History Can Be Interesting

Yes. But how accurate was it? And could we have the information in milliseconds? Time is MONEY! And instant info is a matter of supreme importance for not having to wait./sarc

27 thoughts on “Ancient History Can Be Interesting”

  1. This is something I would do. I have made many notes to my family and taped them up un-artfully. Sometimes I use green painter’s tape. Sometimes I use duct tape. The louder the tape, the better it speaks its message.

    I have a sign in my house even now, which I duct taped to a ceiling beam, telling people not to bring food or beverages outside of the kitchen. It has been largely ignored. There is no bite to it. I may need to add a cable clause to a similar effect as the Xbox one.

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          1. No, I didn’t see that. LOL! But even if I had, that would have been okay. I can read humour and its intent. Sometimes things come out in a way that if a person wants to read something negative into it, they will.

            I’m a bit of an odd duck in my taste for duct tape. I always say Red Green would be proud of me. 🙂

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            1. And my last comment reminds me of something I read recently about the current American president and how he supposedly has said things that people take to be hateful or “racist” or whatever-ist the latest insult-ist thing is that people want to accuse him of. I haven’t heard any of those things, by choice (by the way, I still have a window open on my computer for a link you recommended by a Candace Owens and I have every intention of watching it when I get some quiet time to be able to hear it and not disrupt the people around me). When I read those comments by someone who evidently has hatred for the man, they rang familiar to me, as I have seen many other people firing similar complaints about him out to the social media world. But as I’ve mentioned before, I saw a TV show when I was in a hotel last summer and it had people who had been hugely helped personally by Mr. Trump. And it listed some pretty impressive things he has had a hand in making happen for the American economy and the people. And all this to say that if people want to see something bad in what someone says, they are going to see it, and they will not even consider that maybe there is some humour being tossed out… and with the way people are so down on that guy, he may well just be thumbing his nose at them a little, and tossing them some bait to pounce on just because he has the public platform to do so.

              Either way, whatever his intent is, he seems to be producing good fruit for the United States. No human is perfect, and certainly not those who hurl insults at their president.

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              1. The original explanation is all in my ball park. I am pretty tired tonight and have been most of the day and I’ve been reading words wrong all day. And have to read two or three times to see which words I missed. I even sent this comment to the trash for pushing the trash button next to the like button and had to hunt it up to correct having deleted it without reading it. I really feel like a dummy now. But I guess there are those days even in Australia(an old joke}. *whew*

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                1. And I’ve been tired all day, too. It will be good to catch up with you in eternity, brother. I’m glad the Lord has placed you in my path. May you have good sleep tonight, and ideally may our Lord call us all to Him even before I hit the button to send this reply.

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                2. Annnnd re-looking at the picture you posted above, I am realizing my tiredness has messed with my own replying, as that is not a microfiche catalogue but it’s ye olde drawer of cards whose name I cannot recall but which I remember using many a time in the silence of my favourite earthly indoor places: libraries.

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                    1. Really? Good memories. I remember being so proud of myself when I finally caught on to how to use the dewey decimal system – then they changed it!

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                    2. Yep! I can’t remember them switching over to a computerized system. I think it happened in the 1990s while I was living in the bush of Alaska and missed out on a lot of “progress” as it was happening. But I have this faint feeling that it bothered me to have to learn a new system.

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                    3. Heh heh… That should have said a brane new BUILDING, but I was still thinking about how wonderful it would be to be removed from this realm in the twinkling of an eye, before I could even finish my sentence, so I went with it. 🙂

                      I better shut my computer off and go to sleep. Maranatha!

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                    4. I can’t brane… I gots the dumb. Ha, yeah, that’s it.

                      I almost didn’t blog today, feeling too tired, but I’m glad I was able to communicate with a bro in Christ.

                      OK, for real, I’m shutting this thing off. MARANATHA BIGTIME!

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                1. “I remove myself and am a spectator because I don’t think much of politics in general.”

                  That should be on a sign. Maybe even duct taped to a wall! Really, though, it sums up the way I feel, too. I like how you put it into words.

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  2. Now I am even more confused. Wasn’t there a different story here an hour ago, to do with a note from a loving father? That was what I thought I was commenting on.

    But I do remember the microfiche catalogues. I loved them.



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