Palm Sunday

The Bible tells us


(we need to know)

about Life above us,

and life below.

the people cry out

the King makes way

will return,

forever to stay, 


and a day. -g.w

On this day, the King led His procession, riding on the back of a colt, and entered the gates of Jerusalem. Thus announcing, without words, His true identity.

Luke 19: 40

Let King Jesus enter the gates of many heart’s today. O magnify, glorify, the Lord of Glory!   

His Eye is on the Sparrow

4 thoughts on “Palm Sunday”

  1. May Christ’s passion to love us as King and savior be our passion to Love the world (even our neighbor). Last year I painted on a rock in my yard “If you don’t I will” I’m gonna go check that rock now that the snow has melted down far enough to see how it wintered…Maybe repent…Err I mean repaint.

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    1. Amen, my friend! Repaint – Repent, one is on the outside, the other is from the inside. Great play on words, my friend! A whole world of meaning between the two! Very pithy, indeed! 😊

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