Fear! It’s worse than Death.

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

But if I should die before I wake


I pray the Lord to reconsider

let me stay a little longer,

 have this poem to finish,

 a few friends I must contact

let them know I’m going,

here Lord I have a short list

 some things I gotta get done

don’t think I can do them

before I sleep tonight.

 would you, could you

find room for a delay

that you might consider

another day?

or two?

or maybe three

I have to trim this largest tree

I know asking for four is more

but I could fix the creakiest door

and then I have to explain to the wife

(who delights in fine wine)

how I let her tropical fish so dear

depart from this life.(selah) 👀

never mind Lord

tonight is fine!


[Note to myself: experimental puts the fun into the arranging of words on an empty screen. This first was for fun. I don’t believe the Lord was offended.]



Published by: g.w

Retired and On sabbatical (again, but not quite). More info available in 'About Me' on my site page.(There is a small square box with three little dots inside, on the upper right hand side of every blog page,at the right side of title banner. Click on those dots to take you to a "hidden" site page with more info provided by me, including "follow" button and "About me." I didn't design this thing.It came as-is.)Also WP has a mandatory banner at the bottom of the screen about privacy and cookies policy that blocks the visibility of a "follow" button that pops up under a "close and accept' of the privacy agreement. You have to click the 'close and accept to see the follow button. Things are becoming more complicated to navigation with hidden activations and complex instructions. Life and technology is like that. If something seems simple you're probably doing it wrong. But I'm left-handed so maybe it's just me.

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