Morning Coffee Vignette Monday

May all the works of your hands be blessed by Him. May whatever you desire to do in your life prosper and be done through His name. May you go into today with all His blessings and enjoy every minute of it. Good morning!  -g.w & his Lord, Christ Jesus

5 thoughts on “Morning Coffee Vignette Monday”

  1. So True. Why just read about the author of life when He bids us “enter” into the holy presence of the King of the universe (and we get to do some of the talking). It is the most squandered invite of all time I fear. Now you got me convicting myself here.

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    1. Ha. No need to convict yourself my friend. Just kick it up a notch. I pray morning and evening and all points in between and I still don’t feel it’s enough! 🙂

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