When is the best time to post a post when the desire is for it to be viewed universally by the church around the world? What day is best? I surmise that since it is meant to be universal, then universal time may be best? In other words – anytime. But how many posts posted in a single day is too much? Or too little? Same question for a week – a month. Perhaps I think about details too much? Is it not said that God is in the details? And is it not true?

I try to place illustrations in accordance to subject of a post. Too much detail? Too much thought toward detail? I wish I could get more descriptive detail into my words. Most of the time I’m overjoyed if I just notice that I accidentally got the syntax close to correct.

Why can’t I flesh out my meaning with more descriptive words, more detail? I have been told that I think in headlines, while readers want the full story with backstory. Or that I think in sketches where artists paint portraits, landscapes, and full murals. ( I’m thinking on my typewriter, here. I mean my KEYBOARD. “Typewriter” tells my ancient, archaic age.) Maybe I should have started writing when I was younger. Then I would have more time to still be wrong. But I at least would have more practice at being wrong and wouldn’t notice. (Disclaimer: This is not -g.w, this is the person who lives on the other side of his head, and I’m having fun here).

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”(Ecc.3:1)





Published by: G.W.

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4 thoughts on “Time”

  1. Lovely post.
    You have a way of shining a light on things – I now have an excuse for my long-windeness or (my concealed writing as I like to think of it !?) – by calling it the “backstory” to my writing – thank you. Although I am aware to be more concise.
    And furthermore, that you think in sketches (and see the ‘writing sketches’ in the writing of others, was for me an eye-opener. We can and should paint pictures with words.
    Please tell g.w. to invite you over more often, your humour and talent is evident, write from the heart, it hits the mark ! 💖

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    1. Thank you so much for your very generous, kind and beautiful response, Carol! I love the word portraits you design and paint with your words. They are as stimulating to the senses as your visual art. Thank you for pointing out details in this little article of whimsy that made me take a second look and see, again for the first time, details of insight I gave to myself! It was fun to become the left-handed twin to myself. And I will try to let him loose more often. Thank you so very much again for so complimentary a comment! 🙂

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