Looking For A Home

Present Concerns

With the multitudinous human philosophies floating and streaming , like flotsam and jetsam, through the “multi-verse” of human reasoning, this could sound like it has its source in any number of sorceries, religions, or philosophies.

But it doesn’t.

Its source comes from only one.

The single Source that C.S Lewis is known for writing about.

And that Source says mankind is a unique, one-of-a-kind being. Both physical and spiritual. The dominant — spiritual. Insanity will claim physical as dominant. But insanity will pass away along with the physical, none the less. The frame of time I reside in this physical, insanity resides within, also. As sure as my spiritual is continuously growing, there will be an insanity that does battle for control over me against the spiritual which is becoming dominant. He also informs me of my ascendant and prevailing identity over the fleshly me.    -g.w.  (Romans 7:15-25)

If I had no body, would I look the same…or very different? How can it be that I can see God’s face, and not be able to describe it’s features? I can see God direct me with the movement of His eyes, and see the expression in them, whether serious or dancing with humor, but can’t describe their color. My personality, not yet quite refined to God’s finishing touches, My identity, given me of the Lord, reside within my spirit not my physical attributes. My activities acted upon through the physical can seem quite insane in comparison. Forgive me if I seem to be sounding philosophical. I am not a philosopher — I’m a detective. Seeking answers until the day I have them…at which time they will no longer seem important, I’m sure. Can you envision heaven — even in imagination? I cannot. I only know I lust to be where my Savior is. That is the only vision of heaven I desire. Please forgive my rambling, but I thought it pertinent.  – still g.w. 


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