Boofah and Foosh-Foosh

And again it happens! While editing a lengthy blog post to be posted Sunday, WP managed to delete the complete post and is irretrievable.


Time for a madcap, frustration -warranted lengthy break from WP, methinks! It’s been happening too-o-o often. Lost but never found.



Published by: G.W.

Eclectics in praise of the Savior. Renderings in prose and poetry, rhyme and free verse. More info available in 'About Me' in my 'Hiding in Plain Site.' There is a small square box with three little dots inside, on the upper right hand side of every blog posted page,at the right side of title banner. Click on those dots to take you to a "hidden" site page with more info provided by me, including "follow" button and "About me." (I didn't design this.It came as-is). Also, WP has a mandatory banner at the bottom of the screen about privacy and cookies policy that blocks the visibility of a "follow" button that pops up under a "close and accept' of the privacy agreement. You must click the 'close and accept' to see the follow button. Things are becoming more complicated to navigation with hidden activations and complex instructions.

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2 thoughts on “Boofah and Foosh-Foosh”

  1. When it happens to me I hit “Control Z” on my computer Which retrieves what you did last) just in case I did it as I am quite clumsy on the keys. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes word press. I have interrogated and berated the computer at great length but that does’t work very well.

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