The Hunt


On The Hunt.

The squirrels outside my window are extremely active. They run through the snow from tree to tree, up and down, jumping from branch to branch. It seems as they are looking for something important to them. A treasure they have misplaced and suddenly realized is missing. I think it’s Springtime they’re hunting. When they find it, then I’ll see it, too. I hope it’s soon!

Those squirrel’s frenzied hunt reminded me of my own frenzied search that began when I first surrendered to the Lord back in nineteen seventy-eight. I came face to face with His grace and bestowed goodness again, but this time something changed within. I could no longer partake of His goodness and walk away. This time I bowed and surrendered my heart and life to Him and all His Goodness, forever. I knew this was the making of a major watershed in my life as I knew I could never, would never, go back. So I needed to know. I needed to know Who God, Jesus was and what was my relationship to Him and His to me. I began searching and seeking Him, in the bible on a daily schedule. Often that hunt through the bible lasted all day and into the night in those days. I needed to know what to expect from Him and what it was He expected of me in return. My heart burned within me with an insatiable desire to find and to know Him.

Therefore, my frenzied search through the bible, seeking answers and direction began, for a journey lasting the next forty years and counting. He was with me all the way and He revealed many things as I needed to know them. He has been faithful anew every morning. That burning fire has settled into a smoldering fire through this aging process, but a smoldering fire burns hotter and more sure. The trust I have in Him is a sure trust, the hope a sure hope. A hope for something I know I have, but have not yet received. “The check is in the mail?” No. The promised treasure is in escrow with my named account waiting for the due date.

I keep searching and seeking. There is always so much more to know in this Amazing God, Jesus my Savior Who faithfully hunted me until I found Him! God’s amazing grace in Christ. Amen!   -g.w

12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. 14 I will be found by you…”  Jeremiah 29:12-14a

8 thoughts on “The Hunt”

  1. G.W. I am always blessed to hear how God brings His children to Himself. This was a wonderful reminder of how He began and continues to reveal Himself through His Word and my life. Praise the Lord that He has an investment in us from which we are receiving the daily interest poured out by His Holy Spirit. Blessings as together, we continue to wait and grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ ~ our great Investor.

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    1. Hi Frances. Thank you for visiting. I often revisit the beginning of His apprehension of my life to remember how far His faithfulness has brought me. And why I’m so sure of His seeing me all the way. I’m also reminded of how willing He is to reveal Himself to any who seek and search to know Him. And in so doing, coming to know ourselves in a way we could never otherwise. Many, many blessings back to you, Frances!

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