Word Press what are you doing to cause so many technical glitches while I’m trying to edit a post in drafts!? O Frustration, Mine in the late hours and trying to be, not creative, but merely coherent. tsk-tsk.

`Just a blog post, g.w., just a blog post. Not writing a book, in which case I would need a different platform.’ 

2 thoughts on “Fush-Fush!”

  1. When I saw your title Fush-Fush I thought that perhaps your post was going to have a connection to New Zealand as it is thought by some tourists that they pronounce the word fish as fush…but no, wordpress is playing games with your time (and mind!) So, my question to you is, ‘what is Fush-Fush’? I search for the meaning of Fush-Fush and was shown takeaway stores in New Zealand – where you can buy fush and chips. Hoping your wordpress issues are sorted now. Blessings.

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    1. Actually I think I should have spelled it “foosh-foosh.” It’s not any language, it’s a family thing. My grandfather didn’t use any coarse language but his known only to him, I think. He used it a lot when I was a boy and when I got a bit older I realized that it was a term he used in place of BS. When something didn’t go right or he didn’t agree with somebody he would say “oh, foosh-foosh!” and when it was really required he would string it out with, ” foosh-foosh-foosh-foosh!” Later I remembered it as an adult and I picked it up. And at extreme times it just comes out of me. Ha. Thanks for the interest. I didn’t think anybody would pay any attention. I really didn’t expect to get any attention over that post that I spontaneously threw up in a moment of utter frustration. The moment passed after I posted it. 🙂

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