Love | a contemplation I

How not to show love. Or: What is it and what shall I do with it?

I question, though, if I am not beating a drum in a world that is increasingly more attuned to the pitch of brass instruments and cymbals, metaphorically speaking.

As language increasingly melts into an indecipherable stream of multi-shades of oil and water, attempting to find common flow while unable to mix but only mingle, how can the cypher of “love” find a universal understanding of meaning?

Moreover, this becomes the case though the subject is narrowed within the limited range called Biblical, or Bible-based love. Even though it may apply to all humanity within all interactions toward others of the same humanity, The term ‘love’ has split into so many splinter-pictured factions, and broadened into far reaching extensions which can only be described as wilderness proxy.

It can be as trying to describe a view of a collage within a kaleidoscope before the image changes once again. With this deterioration of language the word “love” has less impact of meaning than the lost clarity of the words “honor” or “self-respect” or “integrity.”

Where the image or mention of the word  should bring about the mental harkening to varying tonal chimes, it has taken on an overall dull thud — much like a hammer against lead — less like the delicate movement of a wand lightly striking a triangle in musical tone, which, in times past, it had; to varying degrees, but it was there.

However –        [Cont’d Sunday]

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