Good God: The Story of Who I Was And Who God Has Always Been

It’s not like me to post so often. But when I feel the Spirit telling me, “Move NOW.” I move now — not later — well sometimes I do but I regret the delay. Anyway — this isn’t about me it’s about how the Spirit moved in a young ladies life and captivated her heart to the point of writing a book about her new and very deep LOVE.

Her name is Jackie Hill Perry, and her book is titled, “Gay Girl, Good God.” This vid is a clip from her bio talking about that Love, Jesus, and presenting some very deep insights into the bible, relationship with Christ, relationship with people and more, very insightful truths — which I find unusual among those so young in Christ. Well worth the watch! And her book is well worth the buy, I believe. I especially like how she didn’t make the subject of her former Gay-ness the central point of her story — it was beside the point — which is always Jesus.

For an extensive review of Jackie Hill Perry’s book go here:


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