Time to Get Rid of Safe Spaces

My dad was in the Army Air Corps in England and Europe during WWII. He went in two months before the attack on Pearl Harbor to the end of the war and was involved in the invasion of occupied France on D-Day, 1944. He once told me, when I was in my teens, that I “should choose to get religion real quick now” because I was too wild to survive life for very long without Divine help. I enlisted in the Army at eighteen in time to be shipped to VietNam after advanced infantry training. At the time he was sorry for that or ever saying such a thing to me. But it was the best advice he ever gave me. And I drew close to the Lord very quickly through that experience and have depended on Him everyday since then to this very day.  -g.w

A very thought provoking post from: Freedom Through Empowerment

Freedom Through Empowerment

I was spending time with friends the other day when one of them got to talking about his great uncles who were pilots in their 20’s during WWII.  He told some amazing stories about their air battles, one of which involved a bullet ripping through fuselage and sheering off half of one poor uncle’s thumb.  He kept fighting of course, not even thinking of landing his plane before the last Japanese Zero was struck down.

Was he brave and tenacious for doing this?  Well yes, but he was also doing what seemed to come natural to people of that era; gritting through what must have been an incredibly fearsome situation to get the job done. He was part of the Greatest Generation that fought in WWII and what they went through and sacrificed should never be forgotten.

This got me thinking about today’s young men and women and on what…

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