Face-to-face with the Future

Future  disciples of Christ Jesus are hiding in plain sight being nurtured by teachers who are also hiding in plain sight. All brought into plain sight by He Who we shall praise for ever and ever!


1Today my Bible Doctrines classes huddled into teams of four and worked on a group  project.  By Wednesday they will have created ten Powerpoint slides and will present a team speech on the subject of Heaven.   We’ve been studying this doctrine for almost a week and it’s time the students become teachers and tell me what this celestial afterlife is all about according to the Scriptures.

This is Revelation 21:4 stuff.  No more pain.  No more sorrow.  No more death.

This is Matthew 13:44 truth.  A treasure so fantastic that you’ll give everything you have in order to obtain it.

This is John 14 reality.  Jesus has gone to prepare it for us and He’ll come back for us when He completes this New Heaven and New Earth. This is Jesus, the Kingdom-creator.  So much more than a middle-school storybook cartoon character with whom many students seem to…

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