Satan Does Not Want Me to Suffer

Amazing commitment, trust, love, determination, focus, resolve. truth, honesty, and perseverance. All brought by the light, love and recognition of Christ Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


Beautiful Life with Cancer

DEATH, WHERE IS YOUR STING?! The power of God Almighty that raised Jesus Christ from the grave lives inside of me! The power of Him who will fling Satan into eternal Hell is alive and well inmy body!

Pain of cancer, hateful glares of the unaccepting popular majority, discomfort of living without, financial difficulty, hunger, any pain this human body has to throw at me ain’t got nothing on the book of suffering! I have been crucified with Christ! I find myself dead to my past life, of all that I know and hold dear. Being willing to serve God above my human nature. Dying to self and giving and giving when all I wish and long for is to retire into solitude. All my sinful body longs for is relief and comfort. OF COURSE IT HURTS TO FOLLOW JESUS!

And does Satan want me to suffer? Hell yes! It…

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