Do You Know


Do you know how difficult it was for the gospel writers to explain the life of Jesus? They wrote in a way so as to put it as simply as possible to move past the difficulty, to just show us Jesus and all that means. Is it any wonder we understand so little about His life? So much of what is written flies past our ears and over our heads. The message is the simplicity of the centrality of the Person, the Lord Jesus Himself. The mystery of Who God is, the mystery of being a Christian, is revealed in Jesus – and He makes it known to us. It’s a mistake to allow Jesus, the Christ, to become merely an intellectual exercise, or a sentimental formula – He is a Person – and like none other. He asks that we allow Him to dwell within us to allow Him to direct our heart, mind, soul, and actions in having personal fellowship with Him to do things we can’t do in our old nature, in our own strength. By working in us and through us He has carried on His work in the world which He inaugurated two thousand years ago.

To have goals in life is quaint, and laudable by some. But to only have earth-bound goals is to have a vacuous and meaningless life of no lasting value. Conversely, to have a purposeful life means to have a real purpose beyond our self-centered existence. God created us with purpose in mind; to know Him through the miracle of the indwelling of His Spirit within us. And this is only accomplished through the miracle of Jesus Christ. If we have Him we have the true treasure of life that can be experienced, but is nearly impossible to describe in human words.

I’m “preaching to the choir” as an encouraging reminder that no matter your passing circumstances they really are just passing, not staying. When they’re gone Jesus remains. Jesus always remains.