To the New Believer

I remember back a million (seems like) years ago when I was brand new. The great thing to remember is that there’s no going back. And the Lord Himself prays for each one of us continuously that our faith may not fail completely.

Mr. Hunter's Wife

I know you thought it’d be different.

That you’d flourish from a staggering, infant believer into a Spurgeon or a Keller or a Sproul, like a flower blooming all its glorious colors in fast forward.

That the sin from which you were rescued would never return, preferring to cower in the shadows than intimidate a disciple of God’s.

That the brand new, shiny feeling of “new believer” would never wear off and the joy and peace that passes all understanding would never cloud or fade.

But the sin that nags still whispers ever so sweetly in your ears, presenting itself like a soft, lush cupcake with crisp, sugary icing.

And the bright glow of the Celestial City on your face dims as life springs up like a weed and reminds you of the trials in the here and now.

And the burst of God-given strength you had at the starting line…

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