Can A Christian Lose His/Her Salvation?

Our salvation in Christ is the most precious gift we have in life. Though this subject probably won’t be resolved completely until the Lord’s return, it’s a subject well worth discussing. Whatever position you hold, we should take our salvation exceptionally seriously and meditate on it daily. Bold assuredness should never keep us from examining ourselves regularly.

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#TalkingThursday – If you don’t talk about Jesus who will?

It’s the number one, non stop question on everyone’s these days, can a christian lose their salvation? is the answer to this a simple yes or no? or is it another one of those “it’s complicated” christian things that everyone hates to hear?!

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest America says, the question isn’t can I lose my salvation, rather it’s was I truly saved in the first place? The question should constantly be asked in the positive not in the negative. We don’t live by works, as long as we check our hearts daily and know that we are right with God, no contrary spirit can deceive us into believing that we’ve lost our salvation.

Of course, that’s just the short of it. If you’re looking for the long answers, i’ve taken the time to gather them for…

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