Then shall the end come

“He said to them, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”
Luke 20:25
It is right that the world’s people and God’s people go their separate ways. However, I would like to take as many of the world’s people with me as I’m allowed…by conversion on their part, of course.

All Along the Watchtower


And then shall the end come, St Matthew tells us. Everytime we recite the Creed we confess our belief in that second coming, when he will return in glory to raise the quick and the dead. Perhaps because of the excesses of those who claim to have found in Revelation, or in the measurements of the Great Pyramid, or the signs of the times, infallible portents that the end is near, this is something many Christian say little about. If that is our motive – not to appear foolish and to be talking about something which only the Father knows – then fair enough. But if it is to be ‘fashionable’ and out of fear of seeming to be ‘old fashioned’, then we might remind ourselves that it is in the Creed and we believe it to be so; but what is it we believe to be so?


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