Christianity Has Been Successfully Attacked And Marginalized Because…

Reason and rhetoric didn’t work in defense against Nero and it makes no headway with the neo-Neros of today. Standing unapologizingly firm in the faith against all odds is what’s needed — immovable and unwavering.

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I thought this was just current news

William-WilberforceChristianity has been successfully attacked and marginalized… because those who professed belief were unable to defend the faith from attack, even though its attackers’ arguments were deeply flawed.

~ William Wilberforce, Real Christianity

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3 thoughts on “Christianity Has Been Successfully Attacked And Marginalized Because…”

  1. I don’t think it is possible to argue anyone into faith in Jesus but every believer should take the time to know why they believe what they believe. We can’t grow into Christ if we never feed on His Word, for ourselves and not depend solely, on sermons and writings of people who do.

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    1. Absolutely! We can’t stand firm without knowing our relationship and the Person we stand for. Sermons and commentaries are good for confirmation and guidance, but the real work is up to each one of us personally.
      “…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” Php. 2:12

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