Zorbakovskelnik the small

Relocated to a far off file.




Published by: G.W.

Eclectic in prose and poetry, rhyme, free verse, and graphics. I have but One interest with manifold interests emanating from Him. I could include all the details here, but I think reading them would be reading the book rather than the introduction. More available in About Me.

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3 thoughts on “Zorbakovskelnik the small”

  1. Beautifully expressed truth couched in love. This is a difficult subject to be heard on these days and I read posts by people who try to address it but express it with anger and it misses the mark. Thank you for this rightly-focused post.

    1. Yes, it is a difficult subject these days, because many don’t want to hear it. But there are even Christians who are being mislead into believing their sin is is really “freedom.” Many who are in darkness are misguided into believing they’re in the light.

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