And So It Goes

“They [Adam and Eve] wanted, as we say, to “call their souls their own.” But that means to live a lie, for our souls are not, in fact, our own. They wanted some corner in the universe of which they could say to God, “This is our business, not yours.” But there is no such corner. They wanted to be nouns, but they were, and eternally must be, mere adjectives.”

C.S Lewis, The Problem of Pain

-No laws or governments or courts of man can change the Laws that have existed from the beginning. When a portion of mankind reaches a depth of insanity, mounts a coup and takes control of a society and it’s laws, it can be nothing more than a temporary condition. For that society will necessarily crumble from within.

The Rainbow is, and always has been, a symbol of God’s Promise of a Savior. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. Those who would usurp it only make a mockery of their own extremist agenda.


4 thoughts on “And So It Goes”


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