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Jesus of Testimony

This is well worth watching (Free online)


Program outline of the video:

Part 1: Lord or Legend: The historicity of Jesus Christ is demonstrated by the important non-Christian historical sources that are available to us today.

Part 2: Are the Gospels Reliable?: Examines the historical reliability of the Gospels as eyewitness testimony to the life of Jesus.

Part 3: Miracles: Provides strong evidence that miracles happen today and happened in history.

Part 4: The Testimony of Prophecy: Many of the Old Testament messianic prophecies are quoted along with their New Testament fulfillments which establish a solid confirmation of Jesus’ credentials as the Messiah.

Part 5: The Resurrection – Fact or Fiction?: The case is presented for the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Part 6: The Good News: Concludes that the portrayal of Jesus in the Gospels, dependent on eyewitness testimony, is more plausible than the alternative hypotheses of its modern detractors and presents the Jesus’ message of the Gospel.

(Source: thepoachedegg.net)

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