And God Said

There is enormous proof that God has spoken and used the Hebrew people in the Old Testament and the apostles and others for the New Testament to convey His message to mankind.

Jesus said those who have ears to hear will hear the message. It didn’t mean that they will hear the word said audibly, but that they will listen with the intent of understanding and willing to do what He said.

Those who are filled with pride, arrogance, the intellectually arrogant predisposed who are filled with unbelief are unable to receive even a word, a taste of the word of life. One must listen with the intention of being open to what is said for God to get through our hard hearts.

What is the Bible?

The Bible is an account of God working with man throughout our history. With individuals and nations. What makes the bible unique is that it was not authored by one person but inspired by one God. It has a consistent message through 40 different authors that transpired over 1500 years, 60 generations. 66 books were written on 3 different continents in times of peace, war, slavery, and imprisonment. These books comes from the perspective of Kings and young men chosen as prophets Throughout all this time God has maintained his message for succeeding generation despite those who oppose him, his people and his word. The message has been consistently the same, man needs redemption because we are fallen. God is holy, perfect, loving and just. And he must judge evil, even as He rewards those who are yielding to obey his commands, specifically in receiving Christ.

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Bible Accuracy I


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